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Our story

Where to start?


Where to start?

Who we are?

‘’LashMi’’ has been launched by 2 girls, long time close friends who met in university while studying for BA in Cosmetology.

More than 10 years later and other business successes under our belts we have come together again and come up with this ground breaking solution for DIY lashes.

After finishing university both girls remained best friends, however, each launched their own business in the world of beauty, both businesses proved to be great success’s and have stood the test of time. Therefore we are confident in LashMi to become a worldwide brand.


Our experience in the cosmetology industry over the years has brought us to realization that there is a gap in the market. There is no easy solution for DIY lashes that every girl needs so much, it either looks cheap and tacky or costs a lot of money and time to get it done by a professional.

We are endlessly happy and excited

to finally deliver this awesome product to you!

While drinking tons of coffee and working closely together for countless hours burning midnight oil, using our creativity, industry knowledge and pure drive, we have finally perfected our set of products for the LashMi brand.

Meet us!

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Passionate about beauty and cosmetology. Highly motivated and driven by helping others look and feel the best version of themselves. Imaginative and creative in all aspects of my work and life... I love to make things happen!

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As a mum, I am aware of the daily challenges faced and lack of time available for YOU. I wanted to create a product that would help change women’s lives and I am excited to introduce you to the product we have created that has changed mine.

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