DIY Lash Extensions Bond in Black


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This bonding solution is designed to provide long lasting hold for up to 7 days.

Before applying make sure your lashes are mascara/make up free and not tangled.

Apply by dabbing the base of your lashes with the micro- tip applicator, and slightly brush through (halfway of your natural lashes). Brushing all the way through (like you would with mascara) IS NOT recommended, as this will cause the tip of your lashes to stick together and tangle.

Once applied wait for a few seconds until bonding slightly dries and gets tacky.

Once bonding has become tacky, go ahead and use the lash applicator to pinch the first lash segment and place it starting at the outer corner of your lashes.

Once you have completed the placement by moving in from outer corner to the inner corner of your eye, fuse (press down) using the lash applicator to your natural lashes.

Repeat these steps on the other eye.


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