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Starter kit with 3-pack lashes

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Starter kit includes:
– Bond
– Sealer
– Remover
– Applicator
– 1 pair of selected 3-pack lashes

Choose your lashes:

Sweet Romance 8-13mm 3pack, I woke up like this 10-13mm 3pack, Angel Lash 8-11mm 3pack

12 reviews for Starter kit with 3-pack lashes

  1. Alessandra (Verified Customer)

    I just put on my brand-new lashes and OMG, I love them! Seriously, they make my eyes so pretty and they also feel very natural. What actually amazes me is that they are totally glasses-friendly. I always have a hard time when I have both my glasses and my lashes on, but with these, I feel so at ease.
    From time to time, tho, I feel a little discomfort around the corners, but I think this is probably relative to my clumsy application.
    In the end, I totally recommend this, even if you have glasses or if you’re a lil’ clumsy like me. They’re really worth it.

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  2. Rachel

    I am absolutely in love with these DIY lashes! They are easy to apply, look incredibly natural, and stay put all day. I’ve received so many compliments on how great they look! Rachel🩷🩷🩷

    Image #1 from Rachel
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  3. Julie

    Hi, I recently ordered starter kit from LashMi, I can not believe how amazing it is to do lashes yourself at home. What a money and time saver! Love it ❤️

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  4. Ruth

    I’ve never felt so glamorous! These DIY lashes are like magic, transforming my whole look. Love it ,love it 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 Ruth

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  5. Jess

    Your products are amazing! I am so impressed with packing and quality!
    Love your brand ❤️❤️❤️Jess xx

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  6. Claire

    I received mine last week, I applied them straight away, so easy to do and I have had them on for 7 days up to now and they are still lovely. Fabulous product!

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  7. Angel

    One of the best products on the market, wished they were not just only online , but they cost efficient long wearing 7-10 days , keeping them clean and still stay on and they look natual..is a win win in my beauty business, I said where have you been all my life 😘 love them!

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  8. Samantha

    They are amazing I couldn’t believe how easy it was . It’s better than any lash I’ve ever worn. Affordable and they look great on me 💯❣️

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  9. Angela

    I’d never used fake lashes before as I was scared I wouldn’t be able to apply them. These are so easy and quick to apply and feel so natural. Rarely a day has gone by in the last 18 months that I have not worn these 👌

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  10. Vicky

    I am absolutely terrible with eye lashes.. but I thought I would give theese ago got mine 2 days ago little fiddling until I got the hang of it . Went on great .. showers sunbed sleeps and there still on love them I never thought I would be able to put theese on but I did I’m still shocked tbh .. love them! ❤️❤️❤️

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  11. Nicole

    I have never in my life been able to apply false lashes.. and believe me I have tried..and tried..and tried, these are a game changer 😊 first time ..and they are by no means perfect but definitely passable when not looking in a magnifying mirror 🥰

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  12. Melissa

    I’m absolutely loving these. I applied this set a week ago,took ten minutes and they’re so comfortable.
    I’ve slept, showered, been on windy dog walks along the beach, woke up rubbing my eyes and still perfectly intact. Four people in my workplace have also ordered just from seeing mine so that’s good!!….

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